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Creative Learning Preschool


Mrs. Crystal reviewing a child's journal and encouraging a cinnamon stick rub on the letter "p"!

GENERAL INFORMATIONMISSION STATEMENT:Education Play Station is dedicated to providing educational classes in safe and caring surroundings. Our goal is to promote each child’s intellectual, physical and social development within a diverse community with emphasis on respect for self, others and the environment. Our learning environment is carefully planned to offer children multiple opportunities to learn physically, emotionally and intellectually. Children benefit from a developmental curriculum, experienced teachers, and a dynamic, activity-based classroom environment.  We believe that learning should be fun, and also believe in providing a loving environment where children of all ages and backgrounds can ask questions, explore, investigate, and most importantly, feel great about themselves. We believe children learn best through active participation with their environment and that the teacher’s job is to guide children’s learning.  The classroom is filled with age-appropriate play and educational equipment, and is divided into areas of interest, including manipulatives, block building, reading, music, sensory and arts & crafts. Children are supported as they learn to be independent, to be a friend, to share, and to express themselves in a safe environment.  

·        Create safe environments for children to learn and grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

·        Design school-based programs that are rich in diversity, support families, and have dedicated staff.

·        Foster children’s self-esteem and respect for themselves and others.

·        Encourage self-directed behavior and empowerment.

 In a developmentally appropriate manner, we address the following topics as a part of our annual curriculum:• Literacy development, phonetic awareness, alphabet, and reading readiness• Counting, number sense, and early math concepts• Hands-on science explorations, social studies, exploration of our neighborhood• Art, music, movement, and physical education

• Social development, being a friend, teamwork, and building community

• Moral and spiritual development (Children will give thanks to God prior to snack time.)Weekly and monthly themes flow through the curriculum, giving a context for learning and making it meaningful. Holidays and other special days are used as the backdrop for many of our learning experiences. Most importantly, we have a living curriculum, one that changes in response to the unique interests, needs and strengths of the children.  


2009-2010 Creative Learning Preschool

3 year olds
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-12:00 $150/month
We are currently accepting applications for 2009-2010. We allow 8 children in this class each year.  Children must be three years old by August 1, 2009.

4 year olds Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00-12:00 $225/month We accept only10 children in this class each year!
We are currently accepting applications for 2009-2010.  Children must be four by August 1, 2009.
Ms. Susan helping student practice his name in shaving cream!
Children playing doctor!

Mrs. Crystal and Miss Holly with their 3 year old preschool class!

Please contact Megan Mingone, director of Education  Play Station, for more information.  Please call #770-877-9105  or email [email protected]