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Thank you for choosing Education Play Station to educate and enrich your family's life.  Please help us to ensure we are providing the best possible experiences for you and your family by taking a few minutes to complete this survey.  We appreciate your time and thoughts!  

How did you hear about Education Play Station?
Class Attending: 

Please describe you original goals and expectation for this class.

Are we meeeting these goals?
If "No" please explain how we can improve the class experience.

What do you and/or your child enjoy most about the class?

Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with your experience so far? If "displeased" please explain why?

Overall, how would you rate you satisfaction with the teacher this semester?

If there is an alternate class time or day that would better fit your family's schedule?  If "yes" please tell us the time or day that would be better.

What other educational/enrichment classes would you be interested in taking or would like us offer?

How would you rate the information on our website?
How often do you visit the website?

Please share any additional comments or suggestions in the next section.  This survey is confidential, however if you would like to share your name please feel free to do so here.